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Parfait Menage is a cleaning company in Canada that provides house cleaning services at the highest standard.

I want a cleaning franchise

Parfait Ménage offers training to guarantee your success and cleaning equipment selected by experienced professionals.

Parfait Ménage

Our passionate franchisees provide cleaning services throughout the province of Quebec

Parfait Ménage has built its considerable expertise by replicating the high standards promoted by Jan-Pro, a commercial cleaning company that operates across Canada. The transfer of expertise and rigorous training afforded by this partnership mean that we understand what really matters and are skilled at satisfying your every need.

Our house cleaning services solve your problems by being the solution you need. Our goal is to save you time so you can enjoy your family and professional life without the stress of housework.

5 reasons to choose our cleaning company

We surpass house cleaning standards in the province of Quebec

We’re not just a cleaning company: we define standards. Our goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing you’re dealing with experts.

What training do our franchisees take to guarantee your satisfaction?

Our academy trains our franchisees with both theoretical and practical courses. Everyone must be able to replicate our superior standards in all circumstances or they won’t be granted accreditation.

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