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Adieu moisissure !

Tout le monde est susceptible d’être confronté un jour ou l’autre à l’apparition de la moisissure dans sa salle de bain. Ce champignon qui prend l’apparence d’une tache noire, blanche ou verdâtre se développe dans les milieux chauds et humides. La salle de bain est la pièce de la maison parfaite pour lui, toutes les conditions sont réunis, l’humidité, la chaleur et par conséquent : la condensation…


Good ventilation is the key to good prevention.

Prevention is the best strategy. Good ventilation is the key to success. For those who may have natural ventilation: create an opening in the bathroom window. Otherwise mechanical ventilation, to be turned on when entering the room and must be left running for 20 minutes after getting out of the shower. A little extra tip, curtains and blinds tend to trap moisture, we recommend replacing them with opaque films which stick directly on the windows and which allow to preserve privacy while allowing natural light to go …

Regular maintenance is also one of the best ways to prevent the growth of mold. After each shower, the squeegee is passed over the glass walls of the shower. The idea is to try to immediately reduce the presence of moisture in the room, to dry your surfaces.

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Baking soda is the best of allies.

If mold is already installed. The first step is to use an antiseptic mask and gloves before cleaning. We favor non-toxic products, as ecological as possible. The best known and most recommended, baking soda with hot water and a scrub brush, rub and dry immediately. A little advice: never brush the surfaces dry because this will cause the spread of mold in the air.

If as in the photo below, the mold has spread in the joints, the only solution is to replace it. Once the sealant has been removed, the surface can be rubbed with a solution of baking soda. After it is completely dry, the seal can be replaced.

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